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Tie Dye Town Corporate Events

Tie Dye Town Events Corporate Events

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Have Tie Dye Town come to your next corporate event and let your employees feel like a kid again!  We Tie Dye everything from screen printed t-shirts with your company logo, tote bags, hats, scarves, tank tops, scarves, head bands, sneakers, towels and anything else you can think of!  It is the perfect team building event and everyone gets to take home a Tie Dye Give-A-Way! We even dress everyone up in Seventies Costumes!

Event includes: t-shirts (screen print of your company logo on shirts with ability to tie-dye them in your company colors), dyes, costumes, colored wigs, peace sign necklaces, sunglasses and head bands as well as groovy music and two professional staff members dedicated to making your event a success!!!

For additional information on how to book your event call Andrea at
917-975-3651 or email


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